19/05/2015 Fashion Promotion FMP41

Collage Making

Today , I am carry on making collage for my third booklet. I  have inspired by Elena Rendina’s work, which I have mentioned before. She used many different images of flower to making repeated decorative border. I was really attractive by it. So I want making some collage that inspired from her work. Firstly, I have download some simple elements, such as flowers, birds, and some plants. I want support a feeling that “bird lives in garden”. Then I have using Photoshop to create the decorative border. More detail, I have cutout those image that make sure they are without background. And then, I changed the direction and size to make the images combine more creative and interesting. After adjust each photos (adjust colour, adjust tone, and adjust contrast), I set up decorate bored at the top of each photographies.

In order to making the booklet interesting to be seen. I have try some different editing to making the visual effect much more different. For instance, I have download an image of  lily and put it at behind of the photo. Then I combine those two layers, and using layer effect to make it perspective.


Further more I have made two more collage , which used same technique as last one. That using illustration work be the background of my photographies.


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