24/05/2017 Fashion Promotion FMP45

Today is the last day to adjust my final outcome (fashion publication booklets). I have reviewed all the booklet I made, and I did the last adjust of images’ position, effect, filter, and size. Then I have printing them to have look of those visual quality on aper. Then I have shown to my teacher, to get the last opinion of the three booklets. Then edited them as the last time. I am planning to printing them by using high quality paper in order to make them looks better. So I probably will print them during the weekend. The last thing that I did to the three booklets is checking the spelling and image quality. Finally, I exported them as PDF. It seemed almost down with the fashion publication outcome.

Then I am planing to making a sample for my product that is going to be display on exhibition day. I have got an idea from my teacher, that making a photo frame witch not usual. I plan to making a photo frame that could provide a 3d effect all repetition effect. That could push viewers into the image and let them feel what the animal faced. I think the idea was really cool.

So firstly, I have using clip box as photo frame, and printing out 4 same images that going to be layered and put inside of the ‘photo frame’.

Below is the sample that is a little bit not clear, but I think it works really well.

So I am going to buy some transparent boxes or photos frame tomorrow, that improve the quality of final outcome.


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