25/05/2017 Fashion Promotion FMP46

Today I am continue working on my final product (photo frame) making for display. I have been to many art stores, glass stores, and furniture shops. Then I have found a plastic photo frame which is transparent. I have bought three same photo frame. Then I went to studio to create the images which I am going to display. It was not works well at the beginning.

Firstly, I have printing out 3 same images by using acetate paper. Then I set them into the photo frames separate. The visual effect was shown by  above images. As we can see I could not see repetition effect, whatever seeing from front or sides. Due to the fact that the plastics are too thick. When I took them of, it could be seem, but the photo frame looks like unfinished work. So it didn’t work either.

IMG_8282So I change the plan, that I am going to make 3D feeling. I have printing different images which are see background, dolphin’s tail image, and one model figure image. Then I printing them on acetate paper. The image was too big and it was in black and white. I had to adjust the printer seeing and images size to get  same images in colour and smaller size

IMG_8283 After that I set those images into the photo frames. and I have done a little bit adjust with the image’s size.

Above are the images of the final out come. Also I think it will be looks better when the photo frame set up separately.

Dur to the first photo frame works well, I plan making the second one. However the photo frame style would be different from the last one. It looks more like a photo album, but also transparent.

This time I chose the images are from BIRD photography because I have planed to shooting like bird live in grade. So I have created a decorative border. While this time to want make all the element separately that provide a 3D feeling straightly.DSC_0375(p)

Below are the whole look of the second photo frame, and individual look of each layer.

The more detail process could be seem on my sketchbook.


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