25/05/2017 Fashion Promotion FMP46

Today I am continue working on my final product (photo frame) making for display. I have been to many art stores, glass stores, and furniture shops. Then I have found a plastic photo frame which is transparent. I have bought three same photo frame. Then I went to studio to create the images which I am going to display. It was not works well at the beginning.

Firstly, I have printing out 3 same images by using acetate paper. Then I set them into the photo frames separate. The visual effect was shown by  above images. As we can see I could not see repetition effect, whatever seeing from front or sides. Due to the fact that the plastics are too thick. When I took them of, it could be seem, but the photo frame looks like unfinished work. So it didn’t work either.

IMG_8282So I change the plan, that I am going to make 3D feeling. I have printing different images which are see background, dolphin’s tail image, and one model figure image. Then I printing them on acetate paper. The image was too big and it was in black and white. I had to adjust the printer seeing and images size to get  same images in colour and smaller size

IMG_8283 After that I set those images into the photo frames. and I have done a little bit adjust with the image’s size.

Above are the images of the final out come. Also I think it will be looks better when the photo frame set up separately.

Dur to the first photo frame works well, I plan making the second one. However the photo frame style would be different from the last one. It looks more like a photo album, but also transparent.

This time I chose the images are from BIRD photography because I have planed to shooting like bird live in grade. So I have created a decorative border. While this time to want make all the element separately that provide a 3D feeling straightly.DSC_0375(p)

Below are the whole look of the second photo frame, and individual look of each layer.

The more detail process could be seem on my sketchbook.


24/05/2017 Fashion Promotion FMP45

Today is the last day to adjust my final outcome (fashion publication booklets). I have reviewed all the booklet I made, and I did the last adjust of images’ position, effect, filter, and size. Then I have printing them to have look of those visual quality on aper. Then I have shown to my teacher, to get the last opinion of the three booklets. Then edited them as the last time. I am planning to printing them by using high quality paper in order to make them looks better. So I probably will print them during the weekend. The last thing that I did to the three booklets is checking the spelling and image quality. Finally, I exported them as PDF. It seemed almost down with the fashion publication outcome.

Then I am planing to making a sample for my product that is going to be display on exhibition day. I have got an idea from my teacher, that making a photo frame witch not usual. I plan to making a photo frame that could provide a 3d effect all repetition effect. That could push viewers into the image and let them feel what the animal faced. I think the idea was really cool.

So firstly, I have using clip box as photo frame, and printing out 4 same images that going to be layered and put inside of the ‘photo frame’.

Below is the sample that is a little bit not clear, but I think it works really well.

So I am going to buy some transparent boxes or photos frame tomorrow, that improve the quality of final outcome.

23/05/2017 Fashion Promotion FMP 44

Collage Making

I have review my booklet. And I think the EAGLE one has little fun, which are to strong as others. Also I have made some college that to make the visual more unique and different as before. I have looked from Instagram and I have seen some collage design from Pablo Thecuadro. Personally, I like his work, which cutout image’s figure and put it at different position, or add one to two images behind the empty space.

Those images were I made by follow the idea I mentioned before. I think those are much more useful after editing. Those collage are focus on the model’s image, because I would like to show and let audience focus on her movement. In order to gain the feeling of eagle’s instinct.

22/05/2017 Fashion Promotion FMP43

Content sheet Design

By inspired by Lula magazine, I have created a simple and clear content sheet.Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 09.53.09.png

As the image shows, I set up the tittle ‘ANIMAL INSTINCT’ at the top of the page. To make sure readers could see it directly. Then I put three images, which chose from the three group of photographies. Below those images is the date June 02. Then there are all the information I would like to provide on the page. While it has some spelling mistake, I have to work on it again.

The draft idea design could be seen on my second sketchbook.

20/05/2017 Fashion Promotion FMP42

Booklet 2 layout Design

Today, I have work on me second booklet (dolphin). Due to the image has already had effect when it be shot. So I have care more layout then the images’ effect. By inspired by some magazines’ layout. I have made a contact sheet image as a double pages background. Then I have set up a medium short photography at the right of the contact sheet. And I have made gradual effect to the image, in order to make those combined more softly.

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 09.51.10.png

Then, I have changed some images filter to be really colourful, and set them up together. I want to provide lots of fragment of dolphin’s life that has happiness, sad, dangerous, and helpless. Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 09.52.26.png

The important point of the editing is set up those image random. That will give much more interesting and it doesn’t look busy.

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 09.51.41.png

Those three images that I made before. I put them together and made negative space. I think the layout works well, and not boring to look at them.

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 09.52.11.png

This dubber pages I design by using ink image which I download online. I have cutout them to make them left the background. The change the size of the image to provide a “it’s coming” feeling. I think it really shows a sad feeling.

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 09.52.51.png

The layout design is really simple but it was really cool. I love it. It shows long shot to close up. From the movement to the facial expression. It provided much more detail and feelings.

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 09.51.59.png

The last one I made today is order the three images by using different size. Those show different direction of the model, which provide the movement really well. The interesting point in the double pages is the character it doesn’t make sense to our language, because I want to show the feeling of dolphin is talking to you.


19/05/2015 Fashion Promotion FMP41

Collage Making

Today , I am carry on making collage for my third booklet. I  have inspired by Elena Rendina’s work, which I have mentioned before. She used many different images of flower to making repeated decorative border. I was really attractive by it. So I want making some collage that inspired from her work. Firstly, I have download some simple elements, such as flowers, birds, and some plants. I want support a feeling that “bird lives in garden”. Then I have using Photoshop to create the decorative border. More detail, I have cutout those image that make sure they are without background. And then, I changed the direction and size to make the images combine more creative and interesting. After adjust each photos (adjust colour, adjust tone, and adjust contrast), I set up decorate bored at the top of each photographies.

In order to making the booklet interesting to be seen. I have try some different editing to making the visual effect much more different. For instance, I have download an image of  lily and put it at behind of the photo. Then I combine those two layers, and using layer effect to make it perspective.


Further more I have made two more collage , which used same technique as last one. That using illustration work be the background of my photographies.

18/05/2017 Fashion Promotion FMP40

Photo editing by using PhotoShop& Third booklet editing layout

BIRD THREE.jpgThe third group photos were taken in studio with white backdrop. I have adjusted 20 photos’ tone, colour, and contrast. Then I have cut out of model’s figure, and put it on the Gucci Tian’s illustration image. The two layers are combined together, while the model’s figure are set up on half illustration image. Below is the outcome image I made. More detail of the making. I have erased the white background of each photos.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 10.43.53.pngScreen Shot 2017-05-18 at 10.44.07.pngThe other way I made the other picture. I have made two layer as well, because the white background is boring to show individually. I used Linear Burn to edited the background. In order to show out the model’s figure. Then I used eraser to clean redundant pattern.


DSC_0043The last example I created. It had different style. I used different filter which called photography tone. It’s a brown filter and made the image felt have a little by loneliness feeling. Also I combine a bark image which has the same colour as the image. As the image shows, I also added a tree illustration at the back of the model.

During the editing I also work on the booklet editing. The design of the layout was a little bit ordinary. So I am going look more fashion publication to get some editing ideas.